Research (audience & topic)

Communications planning & project management

Writing & editing

Communications training

Art direction & design

I excel at longer form storytelling and metaphor making, as well as producing concise, information-focused pieces.  I’ve managed a number of large-scale projects, both print- and web-based, from conception to completion


I have particular strengths in creating publications, both print and online:

  • Annual reports

  • Backgrounders/fact sheets

  • Brochures

  • Feature articles

  • Magazines

  • Newsletters

  • Reports

  • Social media campaigns

  • Websites



I have an innate desire to seek out meaning, and a fascination with creating new metaphors and myths.


Naturally curious, I have a knack for finding the hidden stories that add richness and nuance to an organizations’s overarching narrative. I enjoy bringing together various elements into an interesting, cohesive whole.


An enthusiastic researcher, I excel at pattern recognition.  I can quickly take in large amounts of complex information and condense it so it is meaningful to various audiences.

Strengths & Interests

Skills & Talents

I have a lifelong interest in stories and in helping people tell theirs. I’m particularly skilled at listening deeply, asking thoughtful and relevant questions, and eloquently reflecting information back in a way that the person feels heard, understood and special.

My thinking style also lends itself to generating multiple ideas and considering many points of view in a short period of time.

I readily work with other communicators and creatives, balancing skill sets so as to produce the best possible results.


I comfortably engage with a range of stakeholders, from senior management and subject experts,  to volunteers and lay public.



My past experience is primarily with non-profits – in the health, community, and social service sectors – and this is where my current focus remains.  I also have an abiding interest in issues related to animals and the environment.


Commuhications Training Workshops 2017

Project management & design coordination; writing & editing

Planning & project management; design coordination; writing & editing

Planning & project management; art direction & design coordination; writing & editing

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