An intrepid hunter-gatherer of stories and metaphors. 



An adept researcher and planner, Tracy Jager can guide your group through understanding in-depth complex topics and ways to approach various audiences. 


Through larger projects or single feature articles, she can help you discover new metaphors to engage your community – stories that offer a fresh perspective, while ensuring the consistency and integrity of your organizational image and messages. 


A storyteller and visual artist, she brings to the table a mix of analytical and logical approaches balanced with creative and lateral thinking.



Like organizations today, hunter-gatherer groups had to be creative, hardy, and attuned to an ever-changing environment. Responding to natural cycles of growth, they made best use of the resources at hand, while seeking out hidden sources of nourishment.  Always prepared to move quickly, through familiar or uncharted territory, they took calculated risks for the possibilities of larger rewards. 


Key to their success:  cooperation, sharing and communication  – of the important facts necessary to make decisions, and of the myths and stories that give a group identity and meaning.